Adobe Photoshop- Guide to the Tools

Photoshop Tools

When we first run Photoshop, the toolbox is displaying Photoshop tools on the left side of screen. We can change its location by clicking and dragging its title bar. We determine the performance of the toolbox using the Tools option in its Windows menu in Photoshop’s window. If the toolbox is being displayed, the √ …

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Photoshop: An Introduction

photoshop tutorial

Photoshop, developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated, is a very rich and powerful software used for image processing. The company has been involved in developing useful software for desktop publishing since its inception, and image processing occupies an important position in desktop publishing. Several versions of Photoshop have come on the market. Its latest version is …

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What is Microsoft Word? How to use it?

Introduction to microsoft word

Microsoft word is the text editing and writing tools essential for the daily life documentation. Word allows you to make the professional resumes, world class documents, reports, letters and many more. How to start Microsoft Word Starting the word is quite simple and can be done by any beginner without any technical knowledge, but their …

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