What is Microsoft Word? How to use it?

Introduction to microsoft word

Microsoft word is the text editing and writing tools essential for the daily life documentation.

Word allows you to make the professional resumes, world class documents, reports, letters and many more.

How to start Microsoft Word

Starting the word is quite simple and can be done by any beginner without any technical knowledge, but their are several ways by which we reach to the microsoft word.

First of all the microsoft word should be installed and activated in your PC or laptop. Yes! WORD is also available for your smartphones you can download it from the appstore.

From microsoft office shortcut bar: –

Microsoft Word can be started by clicking on the Microsoft Word icon displayed on the shortcut bar. For this, it is necessary that the Microsoft Word icon is displayed in the Microsoft Office shortcut bar.

If the icon in the office shortcut bar is not displayed, the following steps have to be followed –

  • A shortcut menu is displayed on the monitor screen when you right click by bringing the pointer over a blank space of the microsoft office shortcut bar.
  • When you click on the Customize option from the list of various options given in this shortcut menu, the Custom Dialog Box appears on the monitor screen like the following picture.
  • When you click on the Buttons, the other main option of the Coustomize Dialog Box, when selecting Office in the selection box next to the toolbar, the names of all Microsoft Office applications are displayed in the box below Show These Files as Buttons.
  • From this, we select it by clicking on the check box created before Microsoft Word. If √ is already displayed in this check box, it means that it is already selected.
  • Finally, by clicking on the push button ok, the icon of Microsoft Word starts like the following picture on the office shortcut bar.
  • Microsoft Word (Word) can now be implemented by clicking on the icon of Microsoft Word, now appearing on the shortcut bar of Microsoft Office.

Using New Office Document

On clicking the icon of New Office Document displayed on the office shortcut bar of Microsoft Office, the dialog box of New Office Document is displayed like the following picture.
In this dialog box, Microsoft Word (Word) application gets implemented by pressing the mouse pointer on the Blank Document icon and clicking on the push button OK when activated, clicking the mouse icon on the Blank Document icon twice in a row and its application The display window is displayed on the monitor screen. In this window, a new file named Document1 is displayed open.

Using Open Office Document

If we want Microsoft Word to be implemented, including a file created in Microsoft Word, that is, any pre-made document file is also displayed, for this, click on the Open Office Document icon on the Office Shortcut bar.

As such, the Open Office Document dialog box appears on the monitor screen.

microsoft office

Features of Microsoft Word.


The AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Word is used to identify and correct errors in spelling, grammar, and capitalization of words. For example (if we type ‘teh’ instead of ‘the’ while typing, Word automatically changes it to ‘the’) or (if we type this is the ‘h ouse’, Word automatically makes it this is the converts to ‘house’.)

We can also use special symbols in our document using the AutoCorrect facility. For example, as you type (c) it changes to ©.

A Microsoft Word Processor is a software package that helps in typing and editing documents at a much faster pace than human beings. Currently, most word processors include features other than typing and editing documents; Such as spelling of text and grammar check, etc. are also available.

Under this new version of Microsoft Word, AutoCorrect generally has more power to identify and correct word errors. We can keep separate AutoCorrect List for different languages.

Note:- The AutoCorrect Exception List can be used to avoid the correction of unwanted words.


We can quickly format our text using the AutoFormat feature provided in Microsoft Word.

For example, using the headings in the document, displaying text with bulleted or serial numbers, converting two hyphens (-) into an em dash (-), etc., we can do many things using this feature. This feature can be used in both situations before and after typing text.

Using the AutoComplete feature provided in Microsoft Word, we can get help from Word to complete the remaining words, dates, and auto-text, etc. while typing our text and can be completed only by pressing Enter ‘key’.
Many new editing tools have been included in Microsoft Word, using which we can complete our work faster.

Following are some of the major new editing tools: –

  • Click and type: – Click and type can be used to fill text, graphic, table, or other items in the blank space of a document. When we double click and type it automatically uses the required format to position the item.
  • Storing and Pasting Objects on Microsoft Office Clipboard: – The new Office Clipboard can be used to store all the objects of all programs including web browsers.
    • We can store a maximum of 24 objects on the office clipboard, whenever you feel the need of the desired object, you can paste it into your documents.
  • Automatic spelling and grammar checking as you type: – When typing text in the Microsoft Word document, a red wavy line is displayed below the spelling error of the word and a green wavy line under the grammar error.
  • Hyphenation: – If the length of the last word of the line is longer than the text in the document, if the entire word is not in the line, the word automatically divides it into two parts and the first part of the word, which is at the end of the line Appears, uses a hyphen at the end of. This hyphenation feature is available in Word for various languages.
  • Find and Replace Option: Find and Replace Option: – Search for a particular word or word series in the text typed in the document and convert it into another word or word series.
    • The work can be done very easily. For example, if we want to replace saw in the entire document with a hammer, we can do this work using the same option. If we want, Word will not only convert saw to hammer but also sawing to hammering and sawed to hammered.

Many new table tools have been included in Microsoft Word, using which we can complete our work in documents at a faster pace.

Some of the major new table tools: –

Table feature microsoft word
  • Draw Tools: – Draw tables using the Draw Table tool in Word and customize it, by using a pen.
  • Eraser Tools: – Erase any cell or column of the table using the eraser tool in Word.
  • Nested Table: – Create another table inside a table in Word. The work of making a second table can be done in the same way as making a normal table.
  • Resetting the table size: – Row height of the table in Word can be adjusted, range from top to bottom.
    • We can do this work in the same way as adjusting the width of the column.
    • Table can be moved easily on any part of page, by drag and drop.

Features of the Table

Microsoft Word includes over 150 new border styles. 3-style and publication-related styles, which have multiple lines, lock border, are also included.

In addition to the 150 new borderline styles in Microsoft Word, Word Document’s page border also offers more than 1,60 colorful border art from Microsoft Publisher. These Page Borders can also be customized.

In Microsoft Word, we can use borders and shades around the text. It is also easy to make borders around the headings in your document.

We can use 100 adjustable auto shapes, 4 types of fill effects to decorate our documents art and graphics.

These filling effects are multi-colored elements, textures, transparent and picture, etc. Office arts are in exchange for a sophisticated drawing.

We can easily apply pictures in any location in the document, including in-line text. We can modify the picture’s border.

Use send-behind text to create a graphic on the page or to create a watermark or a watermark effect.

The text box office provides a complete set of art capabilities in place of the text frame.

Such as 3-D effects, fill, background, rotation, size, and cropping. We can use the text box for desktop publishing; For example, in a newsletter, we can move from page number 1 to number 4 of one lakh.

In microsoft word we can-

Use any graphic, picture, or picture in any document or web page like a bullet.
We can organize images in a custom category from the new clip gallery.

Can insert clipboard for pictures and drag pictures in the office. This new clip gallery can also store voice and movies.

We can save our document as a web page. You can use web folder folios to manage the files stored in the webserver.

We can do this work with the help of Access Windows Explorer or any Microsoft program on the web folder.

The web page wizard in Microsoft Word provides us with several customized web templates. It is effective on common types of web pages and which we can modify as per requirement.

Hyperlinks can be used in Microsoft Word. We can link any office file, web page, internal or external website, or other files of a file server by just clicking.

Can use frames to build a better, organized web site that helps us to provide more information to viewers.

We can see how our web page looks in a web browser using the web layout, without going out of Word.

Microsoft Word has a unified design element and color combination for elements of background images, bullets, fonts, parallel lines, and documents in the theme of a similar-looking web page, as well as themes between Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft FrontPage. Coordination occurs.

In Microsoft Word, we can create our information with the help of a more easily understandable bullet points.

Word provides a collection of colorful, graphical images that can be used as bullets on your web page.
Word automatically writes HTML code for a web page created in Microsoft Word.

If we want to see this coding, then use the option of HTML source from the drop menu.

Microsoft automatically manages graphic associate files in Word. When we create a web page, all the supporting files are stored in the same folder as the document file name.

Now, whenever we save our document in a new folder, the Microsoft office checks all the links and corrects the links that are not working.

You can directly email documents. This makes it easy to connect the document with e-mail because we can edit it directly without opening or protecting the document.

The message from Word is converted to HTML, so the recipient does not need any special software to see it.

In Microsoft Word, we can create email messages in Word or Microsoft Outlook, and then use Word as an e-mail editor.

In Microsoft Word, we can know who did what and when in the document. We can enter versions about changes in each version.

This was the quick introduction to the microsoft word. If you liked the information given by us, then share it to our friend, we highly appreciate it! and comment down below for any queries.

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